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I’m from Argentina, I was born in Buenos Aires province and lived most of my life in Verónica. I moved to Kraków PL in January 2020 and then to Amsterdam NL in June 2022. I speak English, some Polish and I am learning Dutch.

I’ve always been a fan of fixing stuff. I found in Cloud Engineering an environment where I can help building and maintaining applications, in a pretty wide range of industries and products.

I started many years ago as a QA, then I took a Linux introduction training where something clicked in me and decided to pursue this career. Later on, I started working as a Cloud Engineer to this date in different teams and industries: Entertainment, Digital Marketing, Betting and Healthcare.

Recently I started to share content about my past experiences, the problems or implementations I faced over the years and general thoughts about life in IT. I hope to help anyone looking for an answer or examples and I am very interested in helping people keen to start in IT, specially in Cloud Engineering.